Get Life Moving

Unexpected encounters are the spice of urban life.
Explore the city with all your heart and instinct.
METREA lets you be FREE.


What we think

Growing City

Explosive Population Growth A great majority of the world's population
will be urban dwellers in the coming decades.

City's Increased Effciency Advanced urban infrastructure will liberate people
from traveling to get their business done.

Alternative Lifestyles

Urban Minimalist The urban minimalist welcomes changes,
embraces diversity and advances through connectivities
with all sorts of people.

Fluidity Always learning, working and enjoying oneself, all at once.
Diversity Accessing a diverse pool of information and physical environments, and converging.
Connectivity Earning one's living at any time, any place.

New bike category Urban Sport Bike gives the best performance in the city. Urban Sport Bike is a product designed for urban environments and developed to obtain specialized functionality. This bike takes you everywhere right away, so it keeps evolving your urban lifestyle.

This is METREA

Function Concept Quick Quicker acceleration, quicker shifting, quicker braking. Suited for busy traffic and lively riding. Pursuit of the pleasure of riding in urban areas.

Design Philosophy Artistic Simplicity The result was the establishment of 3 Core philosophies: Clean cut surface, geometric character line, and texture contrast by fine materials.

ST-U5060-L/R Specific DCL for H type
handle bar
Clean and sophisticated style. Sail through
the streets with minimal effort and
distractions for urban riding.

BL-U5000-L/R, SL-U5000-L/R Shift/brake lever for flat
handle bar
Elevate your city riding experience with
silent and smooth braking that's easy to use.
Persistent quality and performance.

BR-U5000, SM-RT500-SS Hydraulic disc brake system Easy to control and clean appearance with stable brake performance for ordinary riders. Easy set up and maintenance.

FD-U5000-F, RD-U5000-SS Front & rear derailleurs Weave your way through the crowd with pride and confidence. Maintain your pace in the hectic city.

FC-U5000-1/2 2-piece crankset with chain guard Enjoy riding through any part of the urban with smooth and consistent pedaling. Clean appearance and reliable performance.

WH-U5000 Disc brake specific wheelset Enjoy cruising and stylish. Easy set up.

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